Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.41

Image Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.41
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    Windows 98 SE/98/95

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    April 01, 2017

  • "PlayStation emulator with no need to configure anything"

A lot of us grew up playing games on PlayStation consoles, and there’s nothing like reliving those moments from your childhood. But what happens in many cases is that, when we try to play these old games again, and it’s a game that was only released for PlayStation, the process of installing and using the emulator needed to run the game turns into a bad experience and puts us off so we don’t even want to try anymore. Anytime you muster up the courage to try again, another poorly configured PSX emulator ruins it just like before. If this has ever happened to you, Connectix Virtual Game Station is here to solve your problem.

Connectix Virtual Game Station, unlike other PlayStation emulators, doesn’t require any configuration external to the emulator program in order to work properly when you try to play. This is because all the necessary configuring comes built into this impressive application, and that is was really sets Connectix Virtual Game Station apart from other similar programs. Plus, the list of games that are compatible with the program is practically endless, so you can get your PlayStation fill with all your favorite titles. This download is for a trial version of Connectix Virtual Game Station.